What is Thermography?

Remember when your mother put a thermometer in your mouth to see if you were REALLY sick? Were you ever so sick that your body temperature dropped and you were shivering?

We don’t usually know something is wrong unless we are miserable or in pain, which is long after the problem actually started. Sometimes even years or decades later.  There is an easier way to see how healthy you are, long before you ever feel it or have to call 911.

To answer the question: Thermography is the safest, most affordable way to see our body’s natural responses in action.  Seeing is believing what our bodies have to tell.

When your body gets out of balance, it works (burning calories, producing heat) very, very hard to get back in balance; when this occurs you feel tired and run down.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get your energy back?  If your mind jumped immediately to “yes” , you first have to find out where it is going; and thermal imaging is the right first step, the right foot forward.

Thermography is at the forefront of the next generation of medicine, the ultimate observer of what is going on at that moment in time; observing what is otherwise unknown.

Quietly, without disturbing a single cell or molecule because it is completely non-invasive, safe and painless, this extraordinary lens observes and records the most incredible signs of changes in your body.

Timely and innovative, thermography teaches us to respect the wisdom of the natural healing processes of our bodies. We can make the best health decisions when we take the time to observe and respect what our bodies can tell us.

Image is Everything! Don’t you want to know what your body and a Thermal Image can tell you?

Men’s and Women’s Health Screenings include a report with your own copies of the images, descriptions of thermal observations and an opinion of an MD who is specifically trained in thermal interpretations. All breast and other women’s imaging performed by a female Thermographer, RN.

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